Dear friends,

I am glad that I have the opportunity to welcome you and briefly describe you our work. This website was created and will be updated in our centre by expecting closer cooperation with our patients. The Lady Cox Rehabilitation Centre is always ready to support and help those people who need our contribution. These are the people who have physical or mental disabilities and of course those who have a temporary weakness. At the centre professionals who not only do their utmost to help you but also care about all your problems. Rehabilitation Centre will become your second home during treatment. All disciplinary requirements must be accepted here as its protection is necessary both for you and for the patients getting treatment with you. Rehabilitative cure requires full participation during the treatment. Here you heal yourselves and rehabilitation centre team supports and provides guidance for you to reach your treatment goals. Our goal is to make you independent as much as possible on your everyday life. If you have any physical disability we will help you find solutions. Our centre is free for all those who have privileges stipulated by the government. Unfortunately, we have to delay the start of treatment of the applicant as required by schedule. In this case, patients who apply for the first time or have been injured recently are special to us. We are glad having the opportunity to support you and we hopefully expect that over time fewer people will need us. Thus, we wish everyone good health and be away from difficult and dangerous trials. Be healthy and happy.

Vardan Tadevosyan – Director


In 1988-1994 there were many wounded and invalid people in Artsakh as a result of The Artsakh War. Despite the great need, there was not a rehabilitation center which would have an appropriate treatment program for the people with disabilities. The initiative of rehabilitation center was Baroness Caroline Cox’s as being a former nurse she was good to see the need for it.

The dilapidated building that was to become a rehabilitation center was set up and built in a short time. In 1998-2000 that building was reconstructed and adopted for people with disabilities as much as possible.

In 1999-2000 intensive courses were organized for one year during which twelve local nurses were selected. They were taught to use physical and occupational therapy in the rehabilitating treatment of people with disabilities. The nurses got prepared to be not only reparative therapists but also rejuvenating nurses.

                From 2000 to 2005 more than 70% of patients were disabled as a result of the war, since then, the number of people with various problems who get rehabilitating treatment becomes more. This makes the strict necessity of rehabilitation center more visible.

                The center now has 50 specialist, 25 of which are medical specialists such as rehabilitative doctor, reparative therapists, psychologists, speech therapists, nurses, whose work is aimed to heal people with disabilities and integrate them with society. The center established art classes such as pottery, painting and macramé to teach young disabled people new profession that contributes to the treatment of their intellectual development. The center has a sport club which is considered to be a good way for the physical and psychological health improvement of the disabled people. The Rehabilitation Center also operates information technology classroom where young disabled people can learn and use computers and the internet. As well as hydrotherapy.

                In 2007 Rehabilitation Center opened “Day Care centre” which is attended by two to seven years old children with mental and physical problems.

 In 2005 On September 12 the center was named after Caroline Cox.

                The mission of the center is to provide treatment to the disabled and integrate them with society, as well as to promote their autonomy and independence.

                Unfortunately, the center is one of its kind on the region, therefore, various groups of people with physical and mental limits and weakness apply for the treatment without any age restrictions.

 The services offered by the center are physical therapy, occupational therapy, hydrotherapy, service of speech therapist and psychologist, courses of sports, art, information technology.

 In the center we have 21 beds for in-patient treatment, 20 beds in Children’s Day Care Center. Nearly 50 outpatients attend center daily.

 Department of Education is available in The Rehabilitation Center where appropriate specialists are trained for not only to fill the ranks of the center but also for the hospitals of various regions of NKR. Now we have trained specialists in Hadrut and Martakert regions whose mission is to complete physical and occupational therapy in hospitals of those regions with the people with limited opportunities.

 The center attaches great importance to the continuing education of the professionals during which various specialists are invited from Armenia and different foreign countries to conduct lectures and exchange experience.

                Since its inception Rehabilitation Center has a home visit division that provides services to more than 100 people with severely disabilities to continue receiving appropriate treatment and get our support at home.

                Rehabilitation Center organizes summer camps and sport events each year. In doing so, we cooperate with the NKR Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Education and Sport.

                Currently, construction works are held in Rehabilitation Center for building specialized sub center for the treatment of children with Autism Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy. This program is sponsored by NKR Government, Jinishian Memorial Foundation and Howard Kyaragyozyan NGO. It is expected that sub center will be opened in September this year. As a result of it 11 specialists will replenish our stuff.

 The center is isolated from the world, which is why; we appreciate the cooperation with various rehabilitation centers around the world, as well as with individual specialists.

                The doors of Rehabilitation Center are always open for those people who want to volunteer for disabled people.